Inform: A very warm welcome to you!

We look forward to your arrival, and to helping you find your feet in the Zwickau Region. The Welcome Center is happy to answer all your questions about getting here and living here.

We support people from both Germany and abroad, and provide assistance to regional companies who have hired or would like to hire new employees. We are here to help you settle in:

  • How do I find a flat and a job?
  • Where can I find doctors, clinics and public authorities?
  • Which town or city is the best fit for my lifestyle?
  • Which kindergartens, schools and universities have places available?
  • As a company, how do I integrate new employees from abroad?

We can help answer these and other questions that may come up when you move here from elsewhere in Germany or abroad.

For People from abroad

Want to move to the Zwickau Region? What are the first steps you need to take if you are moving here? The Welcome Center is happy to help: by telephone, in person, one-to-one.


For employers

Are you looking to recruit international employees? How can you attract immigrants to your company? The Fachinformationszentrum Zuwanderung Zwickau (Zwickau Expert Information Centre Immigration) can help. Quickly. Competently. Effectively.


Success stories

Why do people come to the Zwickau Region? What do they work in? How do they settle in? Hear what they have to say for themselves in our success stories. Came to work. Stayed to live.


Picture and video gallery

Where do people most enjoy spending their time in the Zwickau Region? Our readers sent us pictures of their favourite places. Take a look for yourself and see the most beautiful parts of our region: Welcoming. Natural. Idyllic.