Success stories: come to stay

What has our region got to offer?
Above all else, our citizens.

Who can better represent our Zwickau region than our citizens – the people who work, live and feel at home here. These many personal success stories add up to everything that makes this region outstanding, lovable and liveable.

The following video portraits show people who have come to our Zwickau region – from other parts of Germany or from the other end of the world. They talk about their motives for coming here. They describe their experiences in the region. They talk about their work and the place in life they have found.

These are our success stories:

Christian, Genilyn, Roh An and Justelle

Christian Angelo Dogillio, Genilyn Balangui, Roh An Jean Estrada and Justelle Blaza were born in the Philippines. They came to Germany in 2023 and found work at Klinikum Glauchau.


Sami Chabouk from Syria Zwickau quickly became his new home

Sami Chabouk is 36 years old and came to Germany from Syria in 2017. That he ended up here in Zwickau was rather a coincidence. But after just a few months, he decided to stay.


Richard from Zwickau Fitness coach set up his own gym

Richard Görner has made a successful career shift: from international IT consultant to fitness entrepreneur. This has given him the opportunity to re-establish his roots in the Zwickau Region.


Nelia, Marko and Oleksandr from Ukraine Employees at Juno Solar in Werdau

Nelia, Marko and Oleksandr describe joining the company Juno Solar in Werdau. They've been here since 2021/22 and receive a lot of help from the team. They appreciate the new opportunities their jobs offer.


Steve from Glauchau Chef and restaurant owner

Steve came to Glauchau with his wife and son, and it was here that he realised his dream of owning his own restaurant. For many years he travelled the world for work. Now it was time to come home.


Manal from Syria Trainee in Zwickau

Manal has been in Germany since 2016 and is training to become a dental assistant. Before that, she completed a voluntary social year at the Heinrich Braun Hospital. Her dream is to study.


Kateryna from Ukraine Engineer in Zwickau

The young university graduate took advantage of the "EU Blue Card" scheme in 2018, which facilitates the immigration of highly qualified people. She has some valuable tips for people who want to move to the Zwickau Region.


Lara-Maria from Erfurt Employee at Waldenburg Castle

During her studies, Lara-Maria completed an internship working in the archives of Waldenburg Castle. She was thrilled by the exciting stories she brought to light. There was much to be said for settling down here.


Eva from New Zealand Language teacher in Zwickau

Born in Switzerland, Eva grew up in New Zealand and has lived in Zwickau since 2011. During her degree programme, she came to Germany for a language internship. It just so happened that she came to Zwickau... and stayed.


Nikhil Apte from India Software developer at Pendix in Zwickau

Nikhil Apte came to TU Chemnitz in 2017 to pursue a Master's degree in computer science. He got a job at Pendix in 2020. The company operates internationally, so language barriers weren't a problem.