Success stories: come to stay

What has our region got to offer?
Above all else, our citizens.

Who can better represent our Zwickau region than our citizens – the people who work, live and feel at home here. These many personal success stories add up to everything that makes this region outstanding, lovable and liveable.

The following video portraits show people who have come to our Zwickau region – from other parts of Germany or from the other end of the world. They talk about their motives for coming here. They describe their experiences in the region. They talk about their work and the place in life they have found.

These are our success stories:

Kateryna from Ukraine: Engineer

Lara-Maria from Erfurt: Employee at Waldenburg Castle

Eva from New Zealand: Language teacher in Zwickau

Nikhil Apte from India: Software developer at Pendix in Zwickau