Job search: Nothing could be easier.

Want to get ahead professionally? Put the Zwickau Region at the top of your check list.
Our companies need a large number of skilled workers, provide plenty of professional development opportunities, and offer excellent salaries, employment perks and a good work-life balance.

The unemployment rate is already back to pre‑coronavirus pandemic levels, i.e. below average. New jobs are being created at innovative e-component and battery manufacturers. The following institutions and job sites are useful places to start looking.


Young doctors

The Association of Statutory Health-Insurance Physicians in Saxony has set itself the goal of providing targeted support for young medical professionals. The Zwickau region, too, seeks out, recruits and systematically fosters the development of junior doctors and young specialists. To this end, an array of study programmes, scholarships and further-education opportunities has been established.
The "Doctors for Saxony" network brings together Saxony's partners in the healthcare sector and actively pursues a nationwide search for young medical professionals, focussing chiefly on communicating Saxony's incentives to medical students and young doctors. The aim is to attract doctors to Saxony and the Zwickau Region on a long-term basis.