Work: Electrifyingly different.

The Zwickau Region boasts the lowest unemployment rate and the highest gross wage in all of Saxony.

Our economy is driven largely by the automobile industry. With Volkswagen increasingly turning its attention to e-mobility, new potential is emerging in Saxony. Local firms in the parts, metal and electronics industries are becoming pioneers in the energy and mobility revolution.

Such robust core sectors benefit medium-sized health, social services, crafts and agriculture businesses, and regional producers of fresh and environmentally sustainable products are experiencing strong growth.

The development of technical infrastructure has boosted digitalisation. Cities and towns are quickly establishing broadband networks, and Europe's first pure 5G real-time wireless communication network is going live here.

Vocational training

Apprentices are urgently needed. Places are available in all sectors, and there is every chance trainees will be asked to stay on once they have completed their apprenticeship. Take a look. Apply directly. Start straight away.



E-mobility, digitalisation, a booming SMB sector: our companies are looking for skilled workers. Make the most of professional opportunities thanks to megatrends, leading sectors and growth. Our guide points the way towards the future!



We cultivate the ideal conditions for growth, with start-up networks that bring people together, foster ideas and drive forward innovation. Our start-up rating is a triple threat: Start up. Trial. Flourish.



Community life always works best when people commit to making their world a better place. Anyone can do their bit for the common good. Get involved. Help out. Do some good.