Study on 5G expansion for networked production

The introduction of the 5G standard in data transmission allows greater connectivity between devices and products ‒ both within companies and across multiple locations. Service provision can also be effectively integrated here. Examples include partnerships, supply chains, research and development cooperation, and machine control and maintenance.

The following questions are thus essential for the industrial economy:

  • What are the business requirements?
  • What are the technical requirements for regional companies?
  • What models of data transmission and network expansion are needed?
  • How can public administration support the expansion of the network infrastructure with licensing procedures or in the context of business development?

A study was commissioned to determine the status quo in the Zwickau region and to showcase the opportunities for the companies based here. The results show that the District of Zwickau is already very well served by 5G and broadband connections, especially in the area along the A4 federal motorway and in the metropolitan areas. In the rural regions on the northern, southern and western county borders, however, there is considerable catch-up potential.