Welcome Centre as a first point of contact

People are drawn to regions with an attractive environment. In addition to working conditions, living and housing conditions are therefore becoming increasingly important to migrants. A genuine culture of welcome in all areas drives future economic growth and boosts the Zwickau region's appeal as a location.

For this reason, AG Zwickau has commissioned the establishment of a Welcome Centre. Not only will this be a central point of contact and service for migrants from Germany and abroad, it will assist regional companies with questions about immigration. There will also be a focus on regional and national networking with all relevant stakeholders, to enable professional advice and mediation with the appropriate authorities.

In many conversations with various players and companies in the region, it has become clear that the immigration of skilled workers will be of increasing importance in the future. The processes associated with migration are organisationally complex and time-consuming. However, success stories in the region show that cooperation among all the parties involved is worthwhile, and makes settling in faster and easier. The Welcome Centre network is therefore a decisive factor in integrating immigrants and returnees into the job market successfully.